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Kathy McGibbon is a mother, author, playwright and advocate who is committed to helping others freely share their truth ...

“My story isn’t pleasant but when I began to share it the more free I’d begin to feel. I realized that I wasn’t alone and that my story was actually helping others overcome the fear of sharing their truth as well. I want people to experience the freedom in knowing that the past does not define who they are and that their stories matter too. ”


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Kathy McGibbon shares her story …

Like most girls, she desired to be loved. In 2003, a fairytale came true. She met a charming young man who treated her like she had never been treated before. He replaced Katherine’s secret void left by the absence of her father. For a year, Katherine believed that she was in a relationship with someone who genuinely cared for her. Totally unware that he had masterfully isolated her from her friends, family and loved ones, She interpreted his aggressive and possessive behavior as love. 

It was at the end of that year long relationship that he, Mr. Charming, proposed an offer to Katherine that she felt she could not refuse.....

Destined: The Unspoken Revealed is a true story about overcoming the atrocious world of sex-trafficking. Kathy has transcribed her journey in hopes of encouraging others on their path to healing. 

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 Everyone has a story.

Sharing it frees the soul and helps others in the process.

- Kathy


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Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!

Isaiah 43:18-19

The book was a blessing. Kathy became a part of my inspiration to get closer to the Lord. I sent the book to all of my friends!
— Jaelyn Marshae
The Unspoken Revealed offers a frightening view into sex trafficking that demonstrates how “good” people can be groomed and trapped into an evil underworld that continues thriving all around us. I was captivated throughout the emotional and moving experience that takes the audience through deception, tragedy and destruction before leaving you with a message of redemption.
— John Clark
I couldn’t put the book down! I laughed and cried. Excellent book and play!
— Celia Hanna


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